April 20, 2012


Ravens (nope - not going the Edgar Allen Poe route!)

 The Ravens at the Tower of London.
Damn!!  They're huge!!

Ravens are fascinating critters!!

The largest of the crow family, they eat everything and can live anywhere - mountains to desert to seaside.  They are very intelligent and can learn tricks and can use logic.

They are noted many times throughout history and literary works.  They're mentioned several times in the Bible - my favorite is in Genesis 8:7, they were the first birds off of Noah's Ark.

According to legend, the Kingdom of England will fall if the ravens leave the Tower of London.

They are mentioned in several of Shakespeare's plays - Macbeth, Othello and Julius Caesar.

In Sweden they are considered to be ghosts of those who were murdered (I wonder if this is why they're called a murder of crows??) and due to them enjoying carrion, they are associated with death and lost souls.

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