April 19, 2012


the RMS Queen Mary

She sure doesn't look scary!

The Queen Mary made her first voyage in 1936 and made 1,001 trips across the Atlantic Ocean.   Between that and being a troop ship (aka The Grey Ghost) in World War II, she is counted among the top 6 most haunted places in the U.S. (note to self - find out the other 5!!)

Most of my sources listed below mention door 13 in the engine room where a young engineman was crushed when the watertight door slammed shut during a drill.  Smoke and bright lights are seen and the door feels hot.

During WWII, she collided with a smaller ship and nearly cut it in two, leaving 300 crewmen exposed to the elements & sharks.  There are reports of screams from the crew of the smaller ship and also the sound of the collision.

Overall there were 49 deaths reported on board the Queen Mary, but also 600 spirits lingering around her.  Sounds like a good reason to visit Long Beach, California!!

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