July 01, 2024

New additions!

So I didn't plan on getting anything new this year for the cemetery, but of course it happens....
As of a week ago, this is all Party City had in the store.  
There's a 12' jack o lantern guy behind the rack, too. 
Just tossing that out there, for FYI
I thought this was funny.

I was looking at Oriental Trading and darn - these got pre-ordered!
This is a raccoon - I think he'll need some paint added to make it more obvious what he's supposed to be. Around the eyes & tails for sure. 
The unicorn is smaller than the horse & pony, but he's still super cute!

And then I was checking out some threads on the HalloweenForum and I saw mention of disco skeletons at Party City, so I had to check out the website.....
I wasn't sure at first - but then I got a 20% off coupon code in my email so that sold me.
They have both 3' and 5' options.  I got the 3'.  
She's definitely not going to be a replacement for Chuck - she's going to be mainly for show.  I'll have to come up with a good drag queen name, since that just seems like what a disco skeleton should have!

Everything should be arriving the first week in August....
stay tuned!


  1. We've been saying "We should be good now on new decorations/props for Halloween." for years now. NOPE!


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