September 24, 2018

Exploring Kroger...

OK, I have to admit this surprised me.  I stopped into Kroger to grab a few groceries and was immediately sucked into 2 whole aisles filled with orange & black awesomeness!
OMG.  Jeweled skulls - LOVE!

The jars were pretty awesome, too

I loved the variety of books!

Alas, I couldn't get this the play.  I was going to make a video.

This was a throne in the middle of the wine section!

 The pillows were really nice.
The "potions" were just glitter, but the different labels were fun.
The green pumpkins are kinda interesting.

I controlled myself & the only thing I bought were some pumpkin pie KitKats.  Wow. 
I hadn't heard of these & they were surprisingly good!
If I was going to buy anything else, it would be one of the jeweled skulls.  Very pretty!



  1. wow! lot's of cool goodies there..
    We have a fry's food store that has some of the merchandise but not as much..we certainly don't have any books and there aren't awesome witch plaques.
    I love those little lights too, so cute!

    1. This particular store had a LOT more than one just across town! The second one I went to, just a couple days later hardly had anything.

  2. I had to Ebay a set of their Nightmare Before Christmas exclusive Hot Wheels because we don't have Kroger in my area.

    1. They have Hot Wheels??? I missed those! I've gotten HW collectibles the last couple years, but directly from Mattel.

  3. Wow! Kroger has a good selection! Pumpkin Pie KitKats, eh? Those sound like something to try! Last year I was surprised to love the dark chocolate KitKats I found, but why should I have been surprised to love those? ;)

    1. They are really good and rich, so it helped me control myself from eating the whole package in one day!


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