September 13, 2018

Exploring Christmas Tree Shops...

I have been really slacking on doing any shopping or even browsing this year!  I cruised thru Dollar Tree and HalloweenLand (another type of pop-up store like Halloween City & such) and then into the Christmas Tree Shop.  I'm not sure *why* it's called that, but I will confirm that at this point in time - yes - there was a Christmas section stocked already, complete with mailbox for letters to Santa.  I was tempted to take a skull or something & tuck it in the mailbox.

Anyhooo.  CTS had some neat stuff and not all of it was over-the-top cutesy, either!
 These ceramic dishes were about the first things I saw & I adored them!
 The skull mug on the left came home with me.
Yard stakes.  I liked the jack-o-lanterns because they are glass!  The rest were wood. 
 I really liked the white JOL, but it was made of a plywood type material - definitely not something to put outside.

 The little village pieces tempted me, too.

Beagle witch!

I loved the orange glow on this candle holder.  It holds a tea light.

Silver 5' skeletons for $50

I'm not sure what these glass dishes were - serving platters maybe?
This one is flat, where the one above is more bowl-like. 
A coaster maybe?  
The "9" looking thing is a sticker on the back, so it would be peeled off. 
I like the size of the stemless wine glasses, but they look way too homemade.
Most of these serving dishes were plastic.  


I would have liked to see how well the solar light works. 
 This was really pretty.
 The foam headstones were nice & big.

I liked the blue, but was "horror night" really necessary?
I almost missed the 4 cup Pyrex bowls on an endcap. 
 The monsters came home with me.

I got a few other things but I'm not showing them, since they are intended for my Secret Reaper victim over on the HalloweenForum. 

Oh yeah - because I don't have enough earrings!


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