Friday, September 9, 2016


I keep forgetting there is a new-ish store much closer to me than the ones I've gone to in the past!  This one was just down the road from Burlington from yesterday's post. 
They had pumpkin carving power drills!
I have both of the blowmolds they had for sale
and I feel kinda meh about that ghost anyway. 
Pose & Stays $40 with LED eyes.  
The cement dogs are neat. 
Wish I could get the video to post - they have little headless horseman toys (2nd shelf up there)!  You press the button on the horse's shoulder and it "gallops" across the floor!  The stuffed horseman carries a JOL on his arm and it plays hoofbeats & whinnies.  I could see my cats freaking out at that!
Well that's blurry but it's the Lemax Spooky Town section.
Those skulls at the top were metal on wood slats - pretty nice!
Leaf Bags
Tree faces!
They had a couple rows of fall stuff, too. 
Those middle scarecrows were actually kinda cool.  
They didn't have the cheesy happy faces. 
I've never seen round bales before!
Lots of candles. 

So the only thing I left with was 2 rolls of mini maple leaf garland.  

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  1. I tried to do a video for Home Depot being that I work there but we are so picked over!! I will have to venture into Menards just to look into this Headless Horseman toy!! They seem to have a ton.


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