September 05, 2016

Happy September!

This Month <3 <3.:
Wow, we've had some nicely fall-like weather lately here in SE Michigan!  We've had the windows open the last few nights and it's been glorious!  Really makes ya get into mood to start putting out the cemetery, but alas, I'm not allowed until the 29th.   

Miss Angela's birthday is the 28th and after that is fair game!  The fence, headstones and blowmolds will be out on the 29th for sure.  I don't know how much I'll get done the weekend after her birthday, since she'll be turning 19 and there is a trip planned across the border into Ontario.  It's a right of passage here around here to go to Canada when you turn 19 and get your first legal alcohol, even if you can't have it at home.  Since I am the bad influence in her life (took her to get belly button pierced at 16, first tattoo at 18, now this!) 
I am the designated driver.  

It was so nice of Yankee Candle to send their catalogs out ~after~ so many of the Boney Bunch pieces were sold out! 
I got the ones I wanted, tho.  We went up north camping last weekend, so I wasn't able to go to the Preview Party at the store in the mall, and wifi is pretty sketchy up in the middle of Amish country.  However, I got a message from an awesome lady on the HalloweenForum who offered to buy the one piece I really wanted and have it shipped to me!  She is truly my hero! 
Love his mean mug - so different than their usual happy faces. 

I was able to get online and ordered these 2 other pieces.  
They're a lot bigger than the others I have - they all hold votive candles instead of tea lights. 
I got the crazy cat lady last year, so I needed this one!

I popped into the Spirit Store that opened near work.  I really didn't see anything that I wanted, although I must have a sickness that I wanted to get yet another skeleton!  But I fought it down.  So instead I used my 20% coupon on this awesome mask.  This is crappy lighting, but it really sparkles!  Since I'm having a masquerade ball for the skeletons, I kinda need to dress up myself for ToT! 

Daddy Longlegs says "you can't see me!"

So apparently I have a series of pet spiders now.  First there was Dude.  He lives on the side of the garage.  
I had taken the dog outside about a week ago after dark and I almost always take the flashlight out with me, to scope the yard for skunks before letting him loose.  I happened to notice an earwig (hate those nasty things!) on the side of the garage so I grabbed it and tossed it onto this spiderweb!  I was both grossed out, yet fascinated as Dude shot out from behind the trim and grabbed that earwig!  

I fed this guy for a good week, until apparently he got tired of earwigs.  I haven't seen him peeking out for the last couple days.   So there are 2 spiders that got his treats instead.   
Randy had a bad day at work Friday - he was supposed to leave at 1 with everyone else in the company but instead got screwed and ended up not leaving until after 7.  So when he got home, we went to the Thai restaurant where Miss Angela works.  Last time we went, I had the Zombie Killer - that's some seriously good stuff right there.  It's bottled locally, too!
This time, Randy had the Zombie Killer and I tried Cinnamon Girl.  It for realz tasted like apple pie in a glass.  It was soooo good!  And since it says right on the bottle that it could be served warm, I didn't feel the need to chug it while it was still cold. 
 This long weekend so far has been pretty chill.  Yesterday, we did a whole lot of nothing.  I did tackle the corner of totes once I realized that the Christmas ones were still on top of the pile.  So I pulled all of these out and rearranged.  I also did some shopping in my totes for my Secret Reaper victim.  It's so nice then they list things that I already have!  Off topic for a minute, but signups for Secret Reaper #2 are going on until the 20th!   
Anyhooo.  OMG - I got my email today about the Countdown to Halloween!  If you're interested in doing this, let me know and I can forward you the email.  There's only one guy coordinating it again this year and he's only taking signups thru replies of the email.   There's no hard & fast rules for the Countdown, but I personally try  to post every day.  I started a spreadsheet about my topics and have ideas for over half my days.  

It's the witching hour - that usually means the action is starting, but for me, it's time to turn in - Later!

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  1. Yeah the weather has been great! But sadly closed the windows today and turned on the dang A/C looks like some 90's this week. BOO! I was getting worried about the countdown the site had been down for a bite glad its back up I did get me email so I can not wait! Happy BER months to you. can not wait to see this years haunt.


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