September 13, 2016

Just waiting & watching...

I cruised over to Home Goods after work today to see what I could see.  I didn't buy anything, but I took pics of the things I thought were cool.
Wooden skull & crossbones 
4 (or more) foot Frankenstein nutcracker!!
but it was $300 - gasp! 
Heehee!  Hipster skulls.
This mirror kinda reminded me of RuPaul with that hair....
Fabulous!  But am I right?
These cool bottles were really tall & narrow.  I was afraid I'd knock them over so I made sure to move them back away from the edge of the shelf. 
I really liked these fabulous skulls. 
Still trying to figure out WTF this thing is...
It's got the face shape of a raccoon and "meh" faces on each side...

Loved this 'book', tho.  
It was a solid piece of granite/marble/stone carved to look like a book. 
The glittery turquoise inside of the cauldron didn't show up.  Boo. 
The ghosts!!!

I also went to Pier One to look around.  They had a lot of Day of the Dead stuff and tons of fall decor.  I didn't see any of the vintage looking animal paintings like people were talking about on HalloweenForum, but that's OK.  I didn't look all over the store.  I had seem someone post about some of their awesome jewelry - and that I DID find!   
I really liked this skeleton necklace that I saw on (sorry, I forgot who I saw posted about it, but thanks!!) a blog post.  And now it's mine!  
I realized on the way home that this claw bracelet actually matches the necklace!  It's the same skull on both.  Awesome!

But other than that.  I don't have any other shopping trips planned out since things should be out in full force now.  There's a meeting for the competition team parents at Miss Angela's dance studio next week, so I can hit another Home Goods and TJ Maxx after that on my way home.  I also need to stop at Michael's to get stuff to make cards for the card exchange on the HalloweenForum.  I'm simply going to have photo prints of real headstones made and I'll use those in the cards. 

Speaking of HalloweenForum, I got my Secret Reaper victim's gift sent out, it should arrive to them Thursday!  Now I just wait to get Reaped myself!  

Hubby & I stopped in Home Depot last weekend for a completely unrelated reason (fuel line for the snow blower - hooray!!  Sucks to think about that, but we are in Michigan.) but of course I had to check out their seasonal section.  I was mostly pretty happy they were sold out of the skeleton horses, because if I saw one in person, I'd really really REALLY want it!  But I've resigned myself to waiting until next year for that. 

We also went to Lowes where I got to see this in person...
Product Image 4
I thought it was crazy that this was $90, but it was huge and heavy!
I got my JOL last year with the same "fire" appearance inside and love it, so I was curious to see this.  Very cool, tho. 

Last week when I went to Burlington & Menards, I also stopped at my favorite antique store and put a few things on layaway.  I didn't get any pictures so it'll be a few weeks until those happen.  I found a painting there that is very similar to a print that hung (is hanging, I don't know) in the living room at our place up north forever.  We were given the opportunity to take what we wanted from the house before it was listed for sale, but I missed out on that trip due to being sick and not wanting to share cooties with everyone - and supposedly the truck was too full and there wasn't room for it (GRRRR! still bitter about that! but I digress.)  
So this lovely framed painting of a path thru birch trees in fall reminds me a lot of that print so I told Randy I was going to get it and damned if it wasn't marked down from $45 to $30!  No idea where I will hang it yet, but Score!  I also got another lenticular photo, an 8x10 of a headless woman standing by a river.  And I also got a tribal looking mask that is attached to the top of a spike deer skull so the antlers look like part of the mask.  It's pretty awesome.  It'll look great in the apothecary. 

Woo, getting late!  So much for trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour on a weeknight.  It's hard enough getting up when the alarm goes off and it's still dark out.  Later!



  1. My store only had the cat painting. I have it with the owl and this one on order:

    1. I do like the cat painting - the one with the ruff cracks me up!


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