Saturday, August 29, 2015

More skeletons!

The Boney-Love family is growing!

First, in early August, I got a pose & stay from At Home ($50 for the same one Michaels is selling for $80!!).  I'm going to compare this with one they used to carry a few years ago.  But that post is for the CountdownToHalloween.
And a couple new 3' skellies.  The green guy I got from Michaels today.  The normal colored one is a 3 foot pose & stay from Joann Fabrics!  I grabbed both for 40% off.

I've never seen a small pose & stay before and I cringed at the $40 price tag, but with the 40% sale and an additional 20% coupon.....that was do-able.  Maybe I'll do a review of all my little guys, too?
 I got Beagle Bonez earlier this year.  The 2 cats and the rat are all new.
 Damn rodent ate my sunflowers again!  The bastard.
 Jack didn't quite know what to think of the cats.....

 Chillin' in the window with Maddie.
 Grooming with Chester.

I started this post shortly before midnight and now it's Saturday, August 29.....It's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I'm going to pop over to the Yankee Candle website and see if I can get any of the Boney Bunch pieces that I like (there's only 2 that I want and 1 is a web exclusive).  I plan on going to the preview party at the mall tomorrow, but it would be nice to have already bought the ones I really want.  Since Randy is not the most inspired of gift givers, he said my Boneys can be my birthday gift.  That works for me!

edit....from what I saw online - the sale goes live at 9am EST.  Damn.  I'm going to bed. 


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