September 30, 2014

C2H - 31 days - And So It Begins....

For the next 31 days, I'm going to be posting every day (except Sunday - just because I don't wanna!) to usher in the most fantabulous day of the year!

I'll post some songs / videos, cemeteries that I explored, decor around my house, closeups of the Maple Grove Cemetery, some of this, some of that and some of the other.  So come back every day!

So until's a really disturbing Patrick I found at Rite-Aid.  The flower on his plants is in the WRONG place!



  1. Replies
    1. At least there were no pervert Spongebobs near!

  2. That one phallic little flower on Patrick!!

    1. It was one of those things that I glanced at the display as I walked by and then had to stop and back up and make sure I saw what I thought I saw!


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