September 19, 2014

The Countdown is Coming !!!

The Countdown to Halloween is ON !

OK, not yet - but it will be soon!  Starting October 1, I'll be posting probably every day, right down to THE big day!

This is my 4th year of participating in the Countdown.  I don't have a theme in mind or anything.  I'll do Cemetery Tuesdays and there will be a mismash of this, that and the other.

Sheesh - I'm "not allowed" to start setting up or decorating until after the spawn's birthday....and it's just next weekend!  Holy smokes!


  1. Bring on the decorations and birthday cake! While Miss Angela enjoys her day you could be plotting your display and hanging up bats or spiders... she will be enjoying a sugar coma from the cake and won't notice... maybe? No? Drats! Well, at least your countdown will start soon and you can bring on the fun and eerie parts of Halloween that we all love :)

  2. I'm sure set up will start happening - this weekend coincides with Homecoming at school so her party is being pushed off a week. She likes to decide where the headstones in the cemetery will go, so she'll be out there helping me. And if she has a friend of 2 over...they can help! Extra bodies!

  3. woohooo!!! I'm ready to see what you've got! : )

    1. Thanks!! The main thing this year is a new layout. I love my blowmolds but the lights drown out the LEDs in the cemetery, so they need to be put someplace new. First world problems!


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