August 09, 2014

This & That

I got my Yankee Candle goodies a couple days ago and I'm finally getting around to taking pictures!  
These guys I bought at the Boney Bunch Preview Party last week.  I was disappointed in the store's idea of a "Party".  Last  year they made a big deal out of it - the store was decorated and the employees were all dressed up like witches and they had snacks and drawings and such.  It was fun and exciting!  This year, all the BB items were displayed in the middle of the store, one girl had a bat headband on and that was it. Meh. 

But peoples were still spending the $$.  A couple ladies in front of me spent over $200 each and needed help carrying stuff out! These are the pieces I had to order.....
 I'm kind of bummed that the candle holder area on Drop Dead Gorgeous and the Eye Phone guy aren't on opposite sides.   They'd look good next to each other. 

And yes - the Pet Cemetery is my favorite piece!  Love it!  It's a bit bigger than I expected, but any smaller and you'd lose all the neat details. 
I like how the headstones go all the way around the candle area. 

One of the reasons I haven't posted since the Preview Party (other than life in general happening) is because of my new purchase! 
The hubby finally decided (when a hole developed in the floorboard of my 2000 Ford Escort that I've been driving for 12 years) the I needed new wheelz.   It's a 2008 Saturn Vue and only had 50K miles on it!   It's so different from my beloved rattletrap Escort!  It's so tall and quiet and I can't tell that it's running!  And the radio controls on the steering wheel?  Brilliant!  

And the fate of the Escort?  Miss Angela is currently in driver's training so it will be lovely first vehicle for her.  It still runs decent, even if it won't win any beauty pageants (Miss Rustoleum, maybe).  It will be so nice for her to drive herself to the dance studio instead of me working around her classes!!  

I also ordered this book from a girl whose blog I follow - the lovely Miss Minda over at The Cemetery Club.... It's very cool!  I love that's it's a smallish book and also softcover, so it'll be easy to carry with me when I explore cemeteries.   Really informative, too.
 I've already looked up a few things that I had been wondering off the top of my head.  You can be sure it'll be right at my side when I finally get around to posting my visit to Oakland Memorial Cemetery in Sandusky!  I have been working on it, I promise!  ! 

I haven't done much shopping lately.  I've been controlling myself since I know more goodies will be appearing in stores soon.  I can't think of anything that I absolutely NEED to have but I'm sure I'll find something. 
 OK, the plant nursery near my work lied.  I swore I already had a snake plant, aka mother-in-law's tongue - and it does not look like this!!   They had this labelled as such, but it's actually a cylindrical snake plant or an African spear.  Either way (it's nice to know it should do fine in my living room) it's still a pretty funky thing and I'll enjoy it.  
I had to do some plant maintenance today - this is some kind of vine that was an arrangement at my Dad's funeral, back 10/09.  The part nearest the dirt was dead, so I trimmed off these healthy-looking green ends and put them in a little vase of water.  The last pothos I did this to grew a crazy set of roots, so I'm hoping a can save this one.  It's a pretty special little plant. 

We stopped at Big Lots tonight and found this neat black skull bottle.  It's not quite as big as a Crystal Skull bottle but larger than the Kah Tequila bottles I have. But it'll look pretty neat sitting out with them. 

83 days!


  1. Love the Yankee buys... That Pet Cemetery has me drooling!

    1. It's so hard to see the whole thing online - it is adorable!

  2. I just heard about the Boney Bunch preview parties for the first time this year. I forgot to go, though. I love that "Drop Dead Gorgeous" skeleton!

    1. Normally they send out flyer to regular customers, but they dropped the ball on that, too.

      Once I saw her with a wine glass, I knew I had to have her - before I even knew what the full piece looked like!

  3. Such cute purchases! Haunters need to take over the planning of these Yankee Candle parties! And congrats on the new wheels!!!! I just got new wheels too!!! =0)

    1. It would be SO fun to plan something like that! There's so much potential for decorations & stuff.
      Thanks! Loving the car so far!

  4. congratulations on your new car! its always fun to treat yo self ;)

    1. Thanks! The shopping part is fun, too. It really makes you looks closer at the other cars on the road. I've never really noticed any other Vues out there until now!


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