August 23, 2014

Dress Rehearsal

I've been seeing a lot of posts on various FaceBook posts of people playing with their skeletons, having them sit in lawnchairs,  wearing sombreros, stuff like that.  Since I already decided there will be a dance recital among the cemetery this year, I HAD to have a dress rehearsal!  

I texted Miss Angela on my way home from work yesterday and mentioned bringing the skeletons out to play.  As soon as I got home, she went digging out her old dance costumes (she's got them going back to 2002!!)  AND she dressed them all! 

 She hated this red velvet & feathered jazz outfit from 2012 - it still leaves a trail of feathers everywhere. The song she danced to was "All Dressed in Love".

 I caught her singing to "Lucy".  The "Stars & Stripes" ballet costume from 2011 fit surprisingly well.  There's a hat that goes with this one, but it'll need some pinning to stay on the skull.  Bobby pins don't work with no hair!

Appropriately, this tap outfit was to "Man with a Hex", also from 2011.
It's got a fedora-type hat that goes with it.

We laughed so hard trying to get this little hiphop outfit on!
(this is from 2007 - song was AM to PM).

This was last year's lyrical dress from "Turning Tables".

Since Angel finally has her driver's permit, we're going to go to my sister's house tomorrow so she can get some driving hours logged and a couple skeletons are going with us to play!  

I thought this was hilarious, but since we're not taking the Vue, I undressed them and put one in the trunk of my old Escort and the other is buckled into the back seat - I had to leave room for the dog!  My goal is to hopefully get one of the horses to allow me to sit a skeleton on his back.....!  And I really don't want to mess up the costumes or get them dirty so they are going naked. 

These are some pretty bright colored costumes.....I'll have to see how they look in the cemetery lighting.  I may have to drape them with white creepy cloth, but I don't know yet.  We'll see when set up starts!


  1. Those skeletons look really cute and ladylike in those dresses! What a funny idea. I like that one sitting on the bench best.


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