July 31, 2014

Ideas are starting!

I've been going about my business all summer, always with that thought in the back of my mind that I'm forgetting something.  I hadn't been putting much thought into my cemetery display this year, since there's nothing I feel needs to be built (since I finally got my fence!), it was just going to be a matter of arrangement.  I want to separate my beloved blow-molds from the rest of the cemetery.  I can't get the awesome blue & green LED spots that I've been dreaming about when it's all washed out by the neighboring ghost or pumpkin!  Pretty sure there's just gonna be a mosh pit of blowmolds in the smaller area of yard next to the driveway.  I can't imagine there being any rhyme or reason to their part of the display.  Maybe I need different height boxes or bleachers or something for them?  Hmm, something else to think about.

So anyhooo, I don't recall why I even had my phone out at the dinner table one night recently and I sure don't know why I was on Pinterest, but I came across this beautiful scarecrow...

And pooof.... the lightbulb came on!  

I have 5 skeletons for this year (so far).  2 pose & stays and 3 not.  
Miss Angela happens to do....5 different types of dance. 

What if I borrow a costume from each type of dance for a skeleton and pose them in a corresponding manner??  


She has several hundred costumes (OK, slight exaggeration, but her closet is filling up rapidly!) She does ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz & hiphop - and after 12 years, she's got quite a stash of threads. 

I promised I wouldn't mess up her costumes (some of the competition ones have been recycled and used for multiple years) so in case of rain again, I may just dress them up the night before or day of  Halloween.....or I could pose them and just drape them with black creepy cloth?  Either one would work. 
The 3 non-pose & stays will be a challenge, but between strategic fence posts and fishing string, I can make something work.  I plan to keep them all fairly close together, so they can support each other. 

Love this idea! 
I don't think I'll borrow the shoes, tho.  Have you every been around a dancer and her feet / shoes?  Those things are rotten!  I prefer not to mess with those. 

Right as I found the scarecrow, the hubby showed me this - funny!
Hmm, I'm assuming an interior PVC frame to pose the arms? 
The purple one cracks me up!

And this weekend......
I'm not all as pyscho crazy as some of those people on the Boney Bunch Love FB page (OMG, I can't wait!!!  I've been waiting for months!!  blah blah blah - get a life!!)  But I will go to the preview party and I'm sure to pick up a piece or three.  I like the lady with the wine glass and they also have a pet cemetery tart burner that looked interesting.  I don't like going to the mall, so this is one of the few things (other than teenage girl & friends) that will get me there willingly. 

And what's up with this cool weather??  It feels like fall now and it's still a month til my birthday!


  1. Do you have a source for the scarecrow image? Would love to see a close up. The only Yankee Candle near us is at an outlet mall. Need to call and see if the outlet stores have the gathering.

    1. The only thing I found on the scarecrow was the Flickr image. Looks like it's a sculpture in a park. I'd love to know how they made it!

    2. Had to go hunt down that festival: http://www.weirdandwonderfulwood.co.uk
      That looks like so much fun. So many cool sculptures. Thanks for the link.


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