July 03, 2014

Garden Ridge is stocking H'ween!

Oh excuse me - they're changing their name to "At Home" but whatever.  I knew they would have goodies out since I bought a skeleton from them in June last year or the year before.  And since Miss Angela and a friend wanted to go to the mall yesterday, I dropped them off and went to get my fix. 

I can't believe I didn't look closer at the skeletons to see if they were the same ones as last year, but I did notice they were still $50.  This place hardly ever does sales, so that's the best they'll be.  There are half-off after-holiday sales, but good luck finding anything good! 
These guys were pretty neat with their saws. 
These are neat, too.  But most of the items are head & arms and the rest is just hanging material.  The eyes light up on a lot of them and they make the requisite screaming. 
I like the green-caped guy.  He's nothing I'd use in my display, but I can still admire!
They had a bunch of lanterns.  
You can get ones like this or non-Halloweenified ones. 
$20 for the haunted phone.  I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of this.  
Nice and solid. 
The skull candles have bases that fit in where you'd put a tealight, which I thought was clever.
For some reason, when I looked at this picture when I got it off my phone, it reminded me of some coworkers. 
A bunch of yard stakes.  This is only about half of this wall. 
This is a box that looks like a book.  Very pretty & colorful. 
This guy is solar powered - it would look nice on a headstone. 
This angel was close to 4 feet tall for $150.  
A couple blowmolds and foam headstones and inflatables. 
Then some of the fun stuff that caught my attention. I love this lion!!
Those eyes!
A glass balloon bunny. 
And a frog bull-riding on a lizard.  WTF??
Alas, nothing came home from Garden Ridge / At Home with me.  
Next I wandered over to the Salvation Army that was nearby.  
I found a couple pieces for my village. 
The train engine from each side......
 The train caboose from each side.....
It's a happy train!
The pen is for size comparison.  
OK, and I couldn't resist.....the most confused nutcracker ever!  His vest says Police.  His badge says Security Guard and the sticker on his hat & each sleeve say National Security Agency.   
Yes.  I have well over 100 of them now.

Since I had to pick the girls up from the mall, I wandered around there, too.  In the store called Torrid (cute plus-sized clothes.  I almost can't shop there anymore- happy tangent!) I was surprised at the number of items they had with skulls!  

I stopped in Yankee Candle.  They had a big sale going on.  Their Boney Bunch Preview Party is August 2!!  I can't wait to see what they have this year! 
That candy dish is pretty awesome!
I follow a page on Facebook called Boney Bunch Love and I don't know who runs it, but they have a lot of inside info and "leaked" photos of new items.  That's where I grabbed this image. 


  1. Yep, thinking a. Garden Ridge trip today! They are always the first, even before Dollar Store.

    1. It's nice to get a Halloween fix in the middle of summer!

  2. Wow! There are lots of great Halloween items out already. I like that haunted phone. I've seen that at Target the past few years. I forget what it does, though. Does it say different things as you dial it or pick up the receiver?

    1. If you start to dial a number or even move it, it will ring and says things when you pick it up. it's pretty neat - I'd like a real phone like that!

    2. My 20 month old son loves that phone. He will push the buttons and when it talks he just laughs and laughs. I think i passed down my love for Halloween to him. He loves to play with the spiders and rats once i show him they are not real.

    3. That phone would be a fun one to have around. It's a bummer they don't make real ones like that anymore! Heehee, my daughter doesn't appreciate the rats much, I always put a bunch in one of our bathroom and she will turn them so they're not looking at her!


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