December 31, 2013

...loading 2014

I don't have an elaborate post planned with lists of happenings from 2013, or countdowns full of photos and all that jazz.

I do have random bloggy stats!
This is my 104th post here in 2013.
I've posted 73 times over at Tales from the Love Shaque
I've posted 111 times over at ...Slow & Steady

X is for Xtreme makeup  from the A-Z Challenge got 131 pageviews
H is for Hearse from the A-Z Challenge got 103 pageviews
Skeleton Comparison got 100 pageviews.
My all-time highest # of hits (that are still happening!!) is my post about Highgate Cemetery in the 2012 Countdown to Halloween.  2367 hits!

All the rest of my posts look to average around 40 views.   It's funny that on the other blogs, I have no idea why some of my posts such high # of hits, but these are pretty self explanatory!

I'm pretty happy with how 2013 went, with my Halloween display.  I got my fence and it looked great!  I'm starting to figure out lighting.  I can't complain at all!

Here's to another successful year to come!  Health, peace & prosperity to you all!

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  1. Nice stats! It always seems like posts that I never expected to be popular get tons of views for some reason, and vice versa. My most popular post has 1,234 views and zero comments! Why do people keep viewing it? Is it because it's about Jell-O? Who knows, LOL!


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