December 10, 2013

Creepmas 10 - spiders

Besides having a lovely Christmas legend about spiders, they make great pets!

Scooter loves his Utica High School / Halloween colored spider named Chief. 

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

An old European legend tells of a poor elderly woman unable to afford elaborate decorations fro her tree. 
The woman decorated her tree as best she could, then she went to be.  A spider that had been watcher her decorate came down to get a closer look.  As the spider climbed in and out of the branches, she left her webs behind. 
The first rays of sunlight on Christmas morning struck the webs and turned them into beautiful silver threads.  When the woman awoke, she found that her tree was covered in shimmering tinsel. 
Ever since that day, the spider and tinsel have become symbols of good fortune. 


  1. Second post I've seen about these Christmas spiders, I've never seen them or heard the legend before.

    1. I saw another post, too - I was bummed since he beat me to it! But since I already had mine scheduled, I just left it. My spider is with Scooter! It's a neat story.

  2. What the!? How did I not know about this awesome tale whenI love spidies so!? That's so cool, because I covered my Creepmas tree with tinsel spider webs! Who knew there was a story behind our cobweb laden tree!

    Also, I love your little spider friend! Did you make her yourself?


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