December 01, 2013

Creepmas 1 - Hi, Scooter!

Hi, My name is Scooter the Christmas Skeleton!   
These 13 days of Creepmas will journal my adventures thru the Christmas season, 
hope you come along for the ride!

Damn, lady!  
Slap a coat of paint on that wall or don't use the flash! 

I'm really thankful that my living human couldn't find the little knit hat & scarf that she got for her wine bottles - they'd fit me just right!


  1. Dude, is that tree made of feathers!? Cool! I like Scooter too.

    1. Yes, feathers with a bit of gold glitter on the tips. I have a white one that will come out with the rest of the Christmas stuff, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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