Sunday, June 10, 2012

Terry's Village Fall Preview!

I like Terry's Village in that they have decent quality items (that I've gotten so far) and reasonable prices for decor items.  This isn't just Halloween - right now they have tons of luau, 4th of July & religious/inspirational stuff.  They also have both the geese and gnomes with seasonal wardrobes, if you're into that sort of (weird) thing.

Anyway - this is some of the fun stuff I've either gotten from them or plan to order.  Luckily they seem to carry the same stuff every year and just a few new pieces. The first bunch here is what I personally have.
I swear these guys run & hide when it is time to pack up in November.  
I always find one a month or 2 later. 

  I like their creepy cloth!  Nice stuff!
  I wasn't too happy with these.  
They're too light to put outside unless you tie them down.
Other than that - neat. 

Here's where I go into the stuff I want or just think is cool.
 Ghost Lamp

 Skeleton Garland
I see many uses for these!
 62" long for $40 and also shakes. 

 These would be easy to duplicate. 


5' Bluckies for $26.50
3' for $10.50

3' pose-able skelly


 Both are asking to go live at the Maple Grove Manor!

I had a couple hours to myself yesterday & I went to the Salvation Army with the intention of looking for some shorts.  I did find a country-looking dress to wear to my cousin's country-themed wedding next month and also found these....

 This would be neat sitting next to a headstone or something.

 I love these candleholders like this!

  I got all these at the Dollar Treasure.  
6 sections of fence to hopefully surround a grave and 
2 plastic vases for dead flowers to go in front of stones

So it looks like my 2 major projects this year are making a fence to go around the entire front yard to keep the kids out...last year was the first time that kids chose to cross the ditch & shuffle across the yard (our neighbor never has her light on) and I was so afraid that someone would trip over the extension cords.  And at least one little guy was fascinated with my battery-op strobes in front of the ghosts & escaped his dad's clutches to run across the yard to pick them up. And then making a PVC frame to go inside the bluckies to make them do something other than hang there. The idea last year was for them to dance, but it didn't work. This year - they will dance!!!  I wonder if I can talk Angel into letting me have her top hat after her dance recital is over.....and maybe the gloves...?


  1. Hi Lisa,

    The top hat would go well on top of one of my hacked Gemmy talking skulls. Then I would put raven with glowing led eyes on top of the hat

    We'll see what I can get done, my plans are changing rapidly as time passes so quickly!


    1. I have gotten the blessing to use the tophat! She's happy to get rid of it - I personally thought it looked cute with the costume, but she complained.

      I don't have anything animated, but it would look good on talking skulls!


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