June 23, 2012

LakeView Cemetery

I was out at the National Weather Service tonight for Field Day (OK, I didn't actually get on a radio, I took Randy's overnight bag and some homemade banana bread to him) but anyway, on the way home is this cemetery.   White Lake is a smallish town and I sure wasn't expecting what I found in this cemetery.  It's not that the stones were particularly old - some were - but there were some of the most spectacularly elaborate stones I'd ever seen!

 Very cool!

 I wasn't the only visitor!

 I had to get front & back of this one. 
I love how they used the beer font.

 The ~entire~ family tree!

 This is the old section. If you moved those boulders & drove up that road, you'd end up in the lake.
 I wasn't expecting to climb the hill to find a stone 
with my own maiden name on it!

notice the snowman in the back?

 I thought these mausoleums were in an odd location. 
As in NOT inside the fence!

 I do recall seeing this same stone in the St. Lawrence Cemetery!

 I think this was just a bad choice in font.  
No clue what it says.


 They used his own drawing on the stone!
Busy people!

 Coolest stone ever!!

 Overall - we enjoyed our visit to the LakeView Cemetery!  

FYI - Garden Ridge is starting to put their Halloween / Fall stuff out!  I got him last night. 

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  1. Thanks for the pics, very interesting these stones! I liked the bunny shot too... I think my favorites are the old carved stones and the angelic ones too.

    When my grandparents bought their plot, the cemetery manager said thanks and that "he knows they will enjoy them". Pops got a chuckle out of that


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