June 22, 2012

Garden Ridge has goodies!

Well, starting to get some goodies anyway.  I felt the need to go browsing tonight, since I hadn't been in there since the after-Christmas craziness.  Randy had never been there, before so he didn't complain too much about having to go with me.

 Approximately 1/2 an aisle so far.  The other side of the aisle was all inflatables.   They had green, tan & black creepy cloth, some skeleton goblin guys (in stylish plaid flannel & black shrouds), 3' skellys, 5' skellys and some signs.  Oh and also some fuzzy spiders and some much smaller hanging ghosts/prisoners/devils/etc.

 These guys didn't have any legs, but were of a decent size.
 I like the lanterns!


 There were 3 racks like this of fall flowers.

 Why were people looking at me funny??

Obviously - one of the 5' skellys came home with me.  You can see the long screw holding his legs on and there is a metal loop at the shoulder & wrist so there is some natural movement. 
I'm sure he'll stay in the car for a while until I decide what I'm going to do with him. 

Then we had some fun looking at the random odd items that GR offers.  It really makes me wonder if there truly is a market for some of this crap. 

 OK - this guy was sort of fun.  We put him on the floor because it somewhat looks like an ice arena.
If you're not a Detroit Red Wings fan - look here

This was a cloud bank that was actually (according to radar) about 45 miles away - south of Windsor.  
Very cool!

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