March 26, 2012

Yay! Spring!

I love spring!  But this one seems odd.  Guess it's because we really didn't have much of a winter.  And my daffodils were sprouting up thru the mulch in early February.  But take a look at my tulips, taken this morning!  They seem to have a visitor.

OK, I should have posted this sooner, since it went down to 33 last night & the wind chill is still 20 degrees at 9:30 am!

Yay!  Cherry blossoms!

My daughter was in a dance competition this weekend - the first of the season for the studio.  They did pretty well, considering the other studios there had 4000 kids (or it seemed) and were in 25 numbers each.  They won more by sheer statistics!  But our girls held their own.  Proud of them all!   Besides pulling in 4th place for jazz line (all 4 levels of dancers, from petites up to seniors) , 3rd place for tap line and 2nd place for their hip-hop line.......
 5th place
Teen Small Group Tap

 7th place
Teen Small Group Jazz
(they swore sucked badly - guess the judges didn't agree!)

Angel is 3rd from the left in each pic.

I have today off work - so I'm going to do a bit of cleaning around the house and maybe cut the grass if it warms up (when you lose your Beagle in the weeds, it's time to mow!!)  

Oh squeee!  I found this guy at JoAnn Fabrics - he is totally wanting to be Halloween-ified!!  So many options.......

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