Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Ides of March!

OK, so that isn't a holiday but it sounds like one, except to maybe, Julius Caesar! 

Anyway, not a whole lot going on.  Totally loving this weather!  Flowers are sprouting, the lilacs are seriously thinking about budding out, the robins are back - life is good!  Tonight there are some storms in the area - the worst went north & south of us, but we got one fantastic light show !! 

My brother lives up in the central part of Michigan & a tornado went right over his house Monday night & touched down just a few short miles away!  He was out on the porch (like where else would you go in severe weather??) and he said first you could hear the wind coming (the gust-front) and then the hail came.  He had drifts of 1/2 inch hail in the yard.  Luckily there was only minor tree damage.

We spent quality family time outside on Sunday (also warm & wonderful out!)  We did some geocaching, which is basically a treasure hunt using a handheld GPS - the link will tell more details about it.  We looked for 14 and succeeded in finding 12 of them. I should have known to NOT follow the girl with the GPS.  She thinks because the arrow points *that* way, she can only go *that* way.  So while Randy leisurely walked across the parking lot, down a road, across a lovely meadow, down a sunlit path & BOOM, found the cache we were looking for....Angel & I fought our way thru the Michigan version of the LeBrea Tar Pits.  Sticky ankle-deep mud, vines, picker bushes, rotten logs waiting to crumble & make you fall into said mud....yeah.  But we survived the day with only minor injuries & thankfully the bugs weren't out yet!

Since we only have 2 GPS units, I volunteered to be the documenter.  Which gave me time to take pics because Randy & Angel were looking for the caches.  Got some neat shots!

 I found him!

 This was on a truck parked next to us.  
I have to assume the eyes & nose light up when the brakes are applied. 


 I turned this upside down, since it looks like an owl!

The only other adventure is that Tuesday night my car died.  In rush-hour traffic.  On a hill.  I had no hazard lights or anything, but I only almost got hit just once.  I had my arm out the window waving people around me until it cleared and I could coast backwards to the shoulder.  I had to get my alternator, tensioner & belts replaced.  Fun!  But I played hooky from work Wednesday, since it was in the shop.  Randy offered to let me drive his car & he'd call Enterprise Rent-A-Car, but I said no! 

I was ready for a mental health day, anyway.  I got a lot of little chores done around the house that I've been meaning to.  Pillows & blankets hung out on the clothesline, windows wide open - Chester was in heaven!  He didn't know which window he wanted to be in!

Oh, I have been working on a project.  I saw this on Pinterest & tried it out.  I really am not happy with how the legs are attached.  But I really don't know how else to do it.  I took the long leg wire & bent it in half, then slid on a bead and left a small loop at the top.  Then I beaded both legs.  I did this for all 4 sets of legs.  Then I put a wire into the "head" bead, strung on the legs, then put on the "body" bead.   I guess if it's standing there and no one touches it, it's OK.  I don't like how big the area is between the head & body because of the legs.  Guess I'll just suck it up!

St. Patrick's Day this weekend!  Any exciting plans?

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