March 04, 2012

More Trucks!

 If you recall this post - I cleared stated my love of trucks. 

Last night, the fam and I went to see Monster Jam in Ford Field.  Due to having to make an appearance at the dance team banquet, and then insanely horrible traffic, the hubby dropped the girl & I off and we went in while he circled downtown Detroit looking for parking.  (the only other event going on last night was a dog show - I can't believe that would cause that much traffic!!)  Anyway - the racing & intermission were over and the 7th truck was doing freestyle before he even showed up at our seats - with my camera that I'd left in the car! 

So these are the note-worthy trucks that crashed - aka the fun ones!!!


 Hot Wheels getting towed off the field.


is it me or does it look like there are glowing eyes looking out of the window?
 Maximum Destruction

 Gravedigger - the Legend
he rolled the truck and was able to keep going!!

30th anniversary Gravedigger
he blew an engine, so we just got an impressive puff of smoke.

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