January 19, 2012

I like big trucks and I cannot lie...

OMG, how cheesy.  But I couldn't resist!

Ya know - after watching Maximum Overdrive as a kid....that's pretty surprising!  That movie totally freaked me out!  And now I work around semis, too!  Weird!

There has only been one year that we have missed going to see Monster Jam at either the Silverdome or more recently, Ford Field since I moved back to Michigan in 2000.  That was due to a really nasty snow storm in 2009 and we chose not to get stuck in downtown Detroit!  We didn't go to the show last weekend, but we will be going in March.  After all, Gravedigger is 30 this year!!

By the way - an advantage of being a ham radio operator is that you can find the frequencies on the radio that people like production use.  So you know who won a race before it's announced, or what is causing a delay, or whatever.  Fun stuff!  Randy always sits there with his hand-held radio with the channels programmed in.

Anyway, I was so tweaked to get an email from the Monster Jam store to pre-order the limited edition Gravedigger Monster Hauler.  I squee'd!!

I really didn't expect to get it 3 working days later!!

 I had to take it out & play with it.

 Close up of the tailgate. 

 The trailer fits 3 Hot Wheels.

 This is the extent of my Hot Wheels collection
including the requisite backhoe and a Blue Angel.

I totally need a zamboni to go with this!!

I need to scan some of my old pics - we went down on the field one year & I pretended to get run over by Gravedigger - after I got the autographs of both Blue Thunder's & Avenger's drivers! Gravedigger is the most beautiful truck!! 

Confession - Blue Thunder is actually my favorite truck....I'm a Ford girl!

This was just a post further expressing my oddness.  And it was a darn good reason to finally dust that shelf & the top of my desk!

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