Friday, January 27, 2012

I got tagged!

It's taken me a while to write the post about this, but a while back, the dashing Mr. Mark from Shingle Creek Manor infected me with the tagging epidemic that has been running rampant thru the blogging community.  But that's OK, I don't want to be immune!  Thanks, Mark!

Alrighty.....The Rules...
1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 3 new questions for the people you tag.
5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.
6. No cheating & saying "if you're reading this you're tagged". You have to legitimately tag 3 other people.

11 Random items about me....

1.  I really could cheat here - on my other and other blogs, I have a tab with 123 random things about me. But I won't!

2.  I wish I was dainty & feminine & could wear stuff like this.....
but I'm not.  So I don't.  I'm more of a jeans & t-shirt girl.

3. I trim my hubby's toenails.  I know it's gross - but it's for my own protection from being clawed in the night.   It started one hot summer when we went 3 days at work with no A/C and we didn't have the window units in at home yet.  I told him I'd be his slave and do absolutely anything if he'd put the unit in.  I think he's forgotten how to do it himself.  At least his feet don't stink!

4.  I enjoy skinny-dipping.

5.  Sometimes I wonder what my purpose in life is. 

6.  I will never eat Funyuns (those deep fried, fake onion ring things) again as long as I live.  I had a bad experience with way too much Jack & Coke while eating Funyuns.  I do believe raw bacon with sour cream was consumed that night, too.

7.  I hate when the first thing someone says to you is how tired they are - especially co-workers.  How do you answer that???   And WHY would you say that to a customer??  Go to bed earlier, chug some 5 Hour Energy, drink some coffee, whatever!  There are more interesting things to say for small-talk.

8.  I have been known to grab and hug stuffed animals while walking thru stores.  Did that last night, in fact!  And I was alone!

9.  I love walking thru old cemeteries.  The statues & stones are incredible.  LOL - this was in a catalog (I pinned this on Pinterest, too!)  I'm seriously thinking about getting it to put on my sweet Skeeter kitty's grave.   I happen to like gargoyles!

10.  I was in the US Navy from 1992 - 2000.  In 1995, I spent 6 weeks in Bahrain while stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).   A Bahraini cab driver wanted me to become one of his wives!  I also ran into 2 American men who now live there.  One was a retired US Marine!  I told him about the cab driver & he told me that men are allowed up to 4 wives and he has to treat each one equally and spend the same amount of time with each.  There was a fenced compound down the road from the base there - with 4 separate houses inside it.  Crazy!!  I wouldn't do well there.  My hubby is MINE & I don't share!

11.  I really want to install either an air horn (like on an 18 wheeler) or a train horn on my car.  I swear my car is invisible to idiots.  This has led me to the conclusion that the US Military should get rid of all haze gray and camo and redo everything in 2000 Ford Escort green.  It's like a cloak of invisibility.

These are the questions Mark wants to know....

What is your greatest passion?   Hmmm.  I'd have to say my family.  My husband, daughter & our fur-babies.  I would do anything for them & defend them against everything.

What is the single thing you love most about Halloween or fall?  Oh man - the SINGLE thing I love?  How can I choose just one thing?  Impossible.  Fall in Michigan is amazing.  The colors, the cool crispness, the smells.  Cider & donuts.  Yeah.  Then I could go on all day about Halloween!  I will say that I am sad that my kid is too old for school parties & parades.  I'd always take time off work to go help out in the classroom. 

Of all the movie monsters, what was the one that caused you to lose the most sleep?  This really wasn't a monster - I have no idea what the name of it was, but I was probably 10 when my parental units watched this movie.  It was some B flick where a huge black panther was going around killing people.  The scene that freaked me out the most was when this girl (wearing lingerie, of course!) sat on the bed during a smoke break in a photo shoot and saw something sticking out from under the bed & poked it with her shoe.  It was the panther's tail and it came out & got her.  I swear for months, I'd get a running start & leap into my bed at night and when I got out of bed, I'd stand up and leap as far out into the room as possible.

Let me see now - who shall I tag?  I hope they haven't already been got!

OK, to my lovely friends....

Countess V at 2nd Street Cemetery
Kimbooly at Boo Spooky
the Caretakers of Highbury Cemetery

because you all post the most stunning photos and interesting topics!

What did you really want to be when you grew up?
What are you most afraid of?
What is the most exotic place you've visited? 

Have a great day!!!!

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