Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another awesome find (or two, or three)!

I woke up this morning with an odd desire to go to the local Salvation Army.  So once I dropped the girl off at today's dance class, off I went!  I had no idea what might be calling me, but something was.

 I love the gradation of colors on this little candy dish. 

A ready-made potion bottle!!  
Dr. White's Compound Dandelion Alterative [sic]
LOL, the label says its an authentic 19th century reproduction.

 The cauldron shape is what caught my attention.

 The coffee mug next to this obelisk is for size reference. 
I'm not crazy about the color, but that's what paint is for!

 I really don't see why there is a market for these bottles.  
The stuff inside looks totally nasty!  
I may just leave it in there for that reason.  I liked the shape & the dragonfly charm.

 These will look neat with one of my little carafes.

 This is what I saw that caused me to gasp!  Another lady was standing in front of it, but she was looking at a lower shelf.  I could barely wait until she moved so I could grab it.

The stand has a double hook to hold the bottle thru the handles.
I think this is something else that will be out year round - just plain sticks would look cool in it right now..

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