2014 / 2015

I'm really happy with how the cemetery is coming along.

The sign is new this year - a $2 yard sale headboard = perfect!
I also finally tried my hand at foam stones.
This one wasn't so much carving as chipping the foam away and gluing the skeleton in the void.  Heehee, I used Gorilla glue and it expanded in places - so I made the bubbles into barnacles.  I like it!

Miss Angela used a drill on her JOL. Mine is all wart-y.

Another foam stones with embellishments from the Davis Graveyard etsy shop

All of the blowmolds were confined in the "Mosh Pit" and away from the cemetery.
It worked out well.

 Stepping indoors for a minute....

I got this lovely couple from Bordines Nursery!

 This was from a Secret Reaper.  I'd never seen a ceramic version of this guy.


I broke down and used a tripod this year!
Outdoor night pictures are much better.
I'm not exactly thrilled with the lights - it's too rainbow-y.  But the family liked it.
I need some smaller spotlights for detail.

 I love this!

The underneath of the trees is pretty cool.

This wasn't a good year for me.  I got the outside set up, but missed a few key items.  The groundbreaker coffin and the lighted tree against the cherry tree, to name a few.
I didn't do much indoors.  The apothecary never even came out of the tote!

This is one of the JOL with the fake flames inside.  I like it a lot more than I expected!
 Da Mosh Pit.

The JOLs grew mold really quick!  But they look neat.

I'm loving all the skele-critters!
 new from Home Depot this year.
 New from Michael's this year.  Love it!

Around the back door, above & below.
 I did put somethings out inside.
Front window of living room.
Side window of living room. 

Got these plaques from Big Lots.
 Top of the Boney Bunch display corner.
Middle of the Boney Bunch guys.
  Bottom shelf of the Boneys.
  Going back outside.....

The blue & green overlapping looks pretty cool, but it's confusing. 

Love the little guys!

Ded Fred is fabulous this year!

Hopefully we'll have a year that's not windy / rainy /snowy so I can dress the skeletons in something other than creepy cloth.  I still have a selection of Miss Angela's old dance costumes that I'd like to use eventually. Altho the skeleton family has grown significantly, I may have to come up with something else.

And I didn't even go out shopping on November 1 !!