May 14, 2024

The Haunted House Restaurant

ooo look, my first "review"! 
After 4 attempts - we finally made it to the Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland!

Just an FYI - they have some weird hours.  And the website has conflicting info, depending on where you look.  They have brunch on some days, then they close for a couple hours and open back up for dinner.   But you don't know for sure which days have the brunch!  That's why it took several tries for us to actually get there.  My sister ended up calling (and finally getting a human) and they had the gall to ask her multiple times if she was on the right website!  Just how many Haunted House Restaurants are in Cleveland???      

Anyhoo.  The decor was pretty cool.  They had a lot of hand painted murals and movie posters all over.  The music was good, but way too loud.  It was hard to carry on a conversation with anyone else at your table.   
Chuck enjoyed himself.
The menu was accessed by QR code on the table, but they did have a real one for Mom to look at. 
The food was really good!
(gonna pull up the menu....)

I had the Scream Burger, which is a housemade sausage breakfast burger served on a toasted brioche bun, with candied bacon, over medium egg and honey butter sauce.  It came with spicy potatoes on the side. 
Sis1 got the Shrimp Lagoon, which is four-cheese grits with lemon pepper shrimp topped with chimichurri and sweet red pepper relish. 
Sis2 got the Slimer, which is a green waffle sandwich with the housemade sausage, egg, cheese, candied bacon & maple syrup. 
Mom got the Texas Chainsaw Burger, which is a quarter pound patty with 3 strips of bacon, crunchy onion straws and "massacre" sauce - that was really spicy so she was happy she got it on the side.  It came with fries that were really good. 
We also got some glazed brussels sprouts to share. 
We saw their special birthday show twice while we were there.  Each one was slightly different. 
First a siren goes off and you hear pounding from inside the kitchen.  Then the servers (who were wearing black bodysuits that looked blood-spattered) bust out wearing Purge masks and the Purge Emergency Alert System spiel plays.  Then they do a little dance next to the table and everyone yells Happy Birthday.  Very fun and unique.   
I was driving so I didn't look at the drink menu, but the people at the next table had a "potion bowl' which is a huge glass bowl and whatever the beverage was poured over dry ice so the smoke poured over the sides. 
They had tvs over the bar, playing sports, of course.  But the one I could see kept playing a video that I assume the local college dance team helped make.  They had the road blocked off with a fire dept chief's truck and an ambulance, both with lights going.  And they had Michael Meyers wearing a varsity jacket and a bunch of zombie girls dancing in the road.  I bet they had a riot making it!   
There were bowls of popcorn on the table, too
Even the restrooms had hand-painted murals - I came out of the stall to see Anabel staring at me and the girl from the Ring watches you wash your hands.....
So I think I'd like to go back, just to try some other things from the menu and one of the Potion Bowls!! 

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