April 16, 2024

Less than 200 days!!

That would have been a better title if I had been paying attention!

What's been going on?   We've been enjoying the oddly nice weather we've been having here in SE Michigan.  We even had clear skies for the eclipse last week and got to see it!  Normally for an event like that it would be cloudy. 


I use step-in fence posts in the cemetery for the skeletons. However the only ones I have been able to find are 4 feet tall - and 9 inches of that goes underground.  Depending on the shape of the skeleton's spine, they may stand up straight or they lean backwards since the top of the fence post barely reaches above the hipbones.   So I've been on the lookout for taller ones. 

Back in January, I was driving to Kalamazoo for a conference and I happened to notice there is a Rural King store in Michigan.  Exactly one!  

So I checked out their website and they have 63" fence posts!  IN STOCK!  

Which means 54" is above ground, so they're going to be perfect for the skeletons!  And they're only $5 each!  That box leaning against my house is taller than me (I'm 5'8") and $20 shipping was worth it, since it took less than 24 hours for them to arrive!  Even if I would have had to pick them up, it would have only been a 45 minute drive or so - and this was cheaper since I would have had to shop while I was there!  

Chuck for scale. 
I'm so excited.  My skeletons will be able to stand straight up! 

Warm & sunny in the hoop!
I'm sure this and the Pumpkin Spice Rumchatta I saw at the local Meijers was left over from last year, but I still did a double-take when I saw them!
On St Patrick's Day, we packed up and drove to Toledo to see the monster trucks.  
I did have to remove Chuck & his buddy so actual kids could use those carseats. 
Chuck was all dressed up for St Pats, even tho we didn't go anywhere. 
We spent Easter at my sister's house like usual.  
Chuck also watched the eclipse, too.

Halfway to Halloween is coming soon!  
I'll have to come up with something special for Chuck to do....

until then......

We have new friends that arrived today!  Can't wait to get home to see them!
I was stoked to get these guys for the same price most people on eBay had one listed for - with cheaper shipping....and an offer from the seller to knock $10 off!  
Yes, they're for St Pat's.  Next year I'll actually decorate!

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  1. We know exactly what you are talking about in regards to standing up the poseable skeletons (they don't like to stand up on their own). We use our 8' tall 2x2 "candle lantern posts" along our garage wall to cable tie the skeleton spine to the post or we use black cord looped around the back shoulder blades connect to higher branch in the maple tree in our front yard to keep them standing in place. There have been a few times where we've dressed the skeletons in robes used white stretch bandages on the elbows and shoulders to keep an arm in a certain pose. Back in 2019 we posed five 2 feet tall skeletons sitting on a section of gutter on the front of our house and despite cable tying the skeletons' thigh bones to the hidden gutter hangers, the hip bone/leg joints refused to cooperate and the torsos would end up falling forwards or backwards in the wind because the arm joints wouldn't stay put either. We ended up using hot melt glue to fuse the hip bone/leg and shoulder joints in place.


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