January 05, 2024

Happy Holidays!

OMG, can you believe it?  300 days!

Anyhoo.  We have survived the holidays - including the grandson's 4th birthday.   It's rather nice for everything to finally be calming down! 
Chuck & ROBERT!
Sometimes you just need someone else to make dinner. 

I found out in early December that I had 60 hours of vacation time that I needed to use or lose it!  So beginning the I took a couple whole days off, but all the rest I took as half days.   The last day I was there before Christmas, I took Chuck into work with me.  
Hmmm, gifts from customers!
Visiting with Walter, who was a gift for my birthday back in August. 
Fueled by a Peppermint Ice Capp.
He deserved to get run over after trying to steal my stocking!

When my Dad passed away back in 2009, we spent that first Christmas at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth.  It's got a huge water park.  Ever since then, we just go to Zehnder's Restaurant on Christmas Day and have their "famous" chicken dinner.  This also is where Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is.  The store itself is closed on Christmas Day, but their whole property is decorated year-round so of course we have to go play! 
Disclaimer - Chuck did NOT go in the manger with the baby Jesus!


Happy New Year!!!

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