August 24, 2023


I currently have 2 cow skeletons from Tractor Supply in my possession!
But first - don't ask me why I wasn't patient and just order them online!
I don't know.  Because I was NOT patient! 
But that's exactly what I ended up doing.  

So going back to my last post - August 5/6 saw me driving around to 9 different TSC stores and returning home sad.  

I made another trip to the one closest to my work on August 11, I was going to use it as a gauge if I should bother looking elsewhere.
But then I saw them (finally) on the TSC website!

I checked all of the stores in SE Michigan and all of them were only "ship to store" and all said "unavailable".  Except for one!  But as soon as I went thru the checkout process, it wasn't available anymore.   
I didn't know the mini horse as a thing, but I had to get one!
The definitely NOT horse teeth bother me slightly, but there are worse skeletons out there. 

His name is ThumbTack
...since my full sized horse is ZipTie and the pony is DucTape.

I started watching the site closer this past Sunday on and Monday morning, I saw a store had them available!  I already had 2 cows sitting in my cart, so going thru the checkout process was quick & BAM - got my confirmation #!
Chuck approves!

I got the text Tuesday night at 9:19pm (after the store was closed, of course) that my order was ready to be picked up - so the Spouse & I drove out there after work Wednesday (yesterday).
They're super cute and I'm so glad I was able to snag a couple! 

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