March 10, 2019 Saturday

I had a great day yesterday!  

I attended my first meeting / make & take of the Motor City Haunt Club (and joined!)

I wasn't sure what to expect, but their mission statement says they "exist to provide amateur / professional haunters and haunt enthusiasts of Metropolitan Detroit and surrounding areas an year-round outlet for their pastime of haunting and Halloween.  The means by which the MCHC realizes this mission includes, but it not limited to: *Acting as a clearinghouse for haunting information and events in the Metro Detroit area *Contributing haunting and Halloween expertise to the general public * Promoting haunting and Halloween whenever possible"  

How awesome is that?  Have I found my tribe??

So we learned how to do some corpsing.  I know what it is, and have seen many different tutorials on how to do it - but I've never actually done it myself.   
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There's me in the pink on the lower left!
(photo grabbed from the MCHC FB page)
We used pantyhose & liquid latex and of course I had to be difficult and grab the only bird the guy had brought.  He mainly brought rat & bat skeletons so he was afraid he wouldn't be able to explain how to do the bird.   But that was OK!  Once I got the gist of what to do - I figured it out.  
I took the pic of my bird in my car as I was leaving the campus (meetings are held in a lecture hall at the University of Detroit - Mercy) so the latex wasn't entirely dry yet - and I had wedged pieces of foam under its wings to hold them up until it dried.   I was chatting with one of the other members and he suggested sticking feathers thru the latex on the wings.... love it!  I have an envelope full of feathers from the back yard so it's totally do-able. 

I think this will be a fun group.  They do a lot of cool stuff, including putting on a garage sale that apparently keeps getting bigger & bigger!   And in October they do member & pro haunt crawls - I wonder if they'd think mine would be worth driving out to see...?   It is on the way out to Tillson Street, so that's a possibility!

While I was looking at the map Friday to see where the UD-M campus was, I couldn't help but notice that Woodlawn Cemetery was close by!  


I have been wanting to explore Woodlawn forever!  It's where a lot of famous Detroiters are buried - Edsel Ford, Horace & John Dodge, Rosa Parks, Aretha Franklin -  to name a very few.

And since it was a cloudy, cold day - I thought I'd just drive thru and take a quick peek.

Oh wow.  
(I must have said that 100 times!)
I saw a ton of deer roaming around.   
Michigan's Governor 1921-1927
 It's hard to see but whatever design is on the top of the stone in there looks like a smiley jack-o-lantern!
 Horace & John Dodge
of the Dodge Motor Company

 Jonathon Hudson of the department stores.

 A lot of the stones / monuments were HUGE!

George Stroh, but likely not of the beer / ice cream family.

So once it warms up, I will have a plan as to how to tackle this cemetery in sections - it's just entirely too big to explore all in one day!

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