November 05, 2018

Halloween night pics

We never got around to carving pumpkins, so I stopped at a local greenhouse and chose a selection of funky pumpkins - all for half price!  
Chuck is waiting for the township sirens to sound, starting trick or treating.

I'll say again how pleased I am with how the shack turned out. 
Really sturdy & the spool goes well with it!

Still one of my favorite stones ever!

The disco lights aimed up in the trees.



  1. Ah, the classic C. Moore Butz. :) I think my favorite is "The shell is here but the nut is gone". Did you think that one up? It's new to me. I like the way your skeleton horse is looking ghostly with the lights! I got some discount gourds today too. It's fun because we can use them with the general autumn/Thanksgiving decorations!

    1. I must have seen the shell/nut one somewhere - or heard the phrase at least. Still pretty funny!
      I'm pretty happy with the lights & creepy cloth on the horse - last year parents were trying to get their little kids to stand by it & I could see the kids looking but they must not have recognized it for a horse. This year a couple came up with a 2-ish year old & she pointed at it & said "Nay-nay"! Sounds like success to me.


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