September 03, 2017

Past Tense Country Store 2017

So I talked about Past Tense a little bit in the earlier post, so I'll get right into the goodies!
Got to love a year-round Halloween store!  
These skeletons were all gorgeous!   Love her headdress. 
They're all 3' tall and I almost fell over at the price - $349!!!
They have most of the Halloween stuff upstairs.  
A lot of steampunk.
They even have a pentagram window!
I love this cabinet!  One day I hope to have one similar. 
The glow in the upper corner is from the window. 
These were all sound activated, so if you went in their corner & clapped, they'd all start lighting up & making noise, etc. 
I really liked this mug with the stainless steel inside.  It was nice & solid feeling. 
Same with this goblet. 
This cabinet was directly at the bottom of the stairs. 
I really love that is doesn't FEEL like a store, and you can just look & look & look and keep seeing different interesting things. 


  1. This was very cool! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. man.. this looks like a fun place to visit and get ideas.

    1. Lots to look at and have fun at the same time!


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