January 07, 2017

Road Trip part 7 - the return trip

Ugh - time to head home but Chuck's still sleepy. 
He didn't get to eat at Cracker Barrel on this trip. 

blink, blink
Did I really just see a sign for a town called Possum Grape?  
Yes.  yes, I did.
Moving right along. 
Tired of sitting!
Hallelujah - finding Jesus in Effingham, IL
Indiana! Finally, we get to stop for the night. In Terra Haute.
Ah man, Chuck's taken his pants off already (not like he wears any!) 
who can he find who will deliver food?
Jimmy Johns to the rescue!
Some early morning prank calls....
then back on the road!
The Nestle Quik bunny!
Pendleton, IN
Of course we stop at Love's truck stops! 
The best thing we've seen all day!  Only 3 more hours to home from this point. 
Aahhhh! We're in the neighborhood!
Home Sweet Home!
Uh oh.  Chuck can't be blamed for this! 
I can narrow it down to a possible 2 of 3 cats who would be the culprit. 
And one I suspect more than the kitten, surprisingly. 

Thanks for tagging along on Chuck's journey!  
I'm sure he will be making more appearances throughout the rest of the winter.  
He's not going back out in the garage with the rest of the skeletons (not easy to get to that corner right now!) so he'll be available to play with. 

I should mention some of the reactions I got to carrying Chuck around Hot Springs!   While on the Promenade, a woman actually came up and asked what the story was with him.  Kudos to her for figuring out there was a story involved!  Another woman with a herd of kids on Bathhouse Row called out to me and asked if they could see my elf - surprise! But her husband grew up not to far from where we live now.  Another family just stopped and stared.  Randy said it was hilarious, because I was so nonchalantly carrying him under my arm as I looked for photo ops!  The cashier at the Mountain Tower also asked and may even have checked out his hashtag (#skeletonroadtrip) on Instagram!  And the security guard at Garvan Gardens seemed suspicious and asked WHY I might be carrying a skeleton around with me.  

My story was simply "This is Chuck & he's Road-trippin'!  We travelled here from Michigan and I'm documenting his trip on Instagram".  Most people were pretty entertained and the rest probably thought I was a nut-case! 
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