January 23, 2017

Planning & thoughts.....

Planning for 2017 actually began during ToTing 2016!  I watched the kids' reactions and what caught their attention the most.  Then I thought about how I could change things around and make the cemetery better.  

So far, the only thing I want to ADD to the cemetery is one of the full-sized skeleton horses from ome Depot. 
So they better carry them again, dammit!  I have $$! 
 This is my planning notebook.  Yes, I know it says "romantic" and stuff on it, but pfft.   This is where I jot down what I'm thinking of so far.  Of course this is always subject to change.

Right now I mainly have 2 pages written about rearrangement, a couple ideas about lighting (which is always an issue) and behind the scenes stuff.  Pretty much the usual concerns every year. 

I don't think I'm going to try an actual theme again next year.  I did the masquerade ball, but unless I get the couples to turn.....it didn't really scream "dancing".  But I'm OK with the generic cemetery.  I move things around enough to keep it from getting old.
I actually just had an idea!!!   
~scribbles wildly in notebook~
to be divulged later!

So until then, Chuck is hanging out in the house.  He took off his elf costume (because that's pretty weird!) and I found a couple shirts at the Salvation Army for him, but I learned that a boys 2T is too big for a 3 foot skeleton! 
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But he's OK with it.  

Have you started planning yet?

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  1. Lol at chuck!!!!! I love keeping planners, so much fun to organize and doodle


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