December 14, 2016

Creepmas Day 13

Holy crap, I've been off a day all week!  So Creepmas Day 13 is happening on the 14th.  
Let's roll with that!

Brr.  We got about 9 inches of snow dumped on us Sunday and we had another inch of so of light fluffy whiteness this evening. 

Handprints on the car window!
First we work before play!  Got to shovel the driveway. 
Ooo!  A Christmas card! 
 Asshole Santa decided to light up!
backstory - last year, the Santa on the left would either lean way over, or his light would go out.  I'd set him upright and / or tweak the bulb and all would be fine for a short time, a day or so. Then he'd act up again.  So this year, he's on level ground with bricks in his base but the light still has a mind of its own.  It's actually been out for at least 2 weeks but decided to come on by itself tonight!
  Woohoo!  It's always more fun with friends!
These guys don't say a whole lot. 
So lets have some hot chocolate & watch some TV.

or maybe read a smutty novel?
Good night, may dreams for sugar skulls & Krampus fill your dreams, Chuck!


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