December 01, 2016

Creepmas Day 1

Wow, I'm all flustered because I almost forgot Creepmas!!  How could I do that??  Glad I saw someone's post of Twitter and got on track!

This year, Chuck is out to play. You may or may not remember, but Chuck is quite the fun guy, as from this Countdown to Halloween post from 2015.  Ooo, and before the 13 Days of Creepmas is over, we're making another trip to Ohio to visit my brother!  Chuck is certainly going with us again!

He's got some stylin' new duds, courtesy of one of the truck drivers at work (I'm pretty sure Ron expected me to put this on my dog, but Chuck complains less!)
Today's agenda....putting up the tree! 
 Chuck wants to be the topper!  He can strike a pose up there.
Chillin' with Mr. Clean. 

Tomorrow, Chuck will be going outside to play with the blowmolds and such.  Wonder what kind of shenanigans he can get into with Asshole Santa! 


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