February 08, 2015

...found some stuff

Hidey-ho friends & neighbors!  

I had the afternoon to myself  (kid at dance & under-the-weather hubby at home snoozing) so I stopped into both JoAnn Fabrics & the Christmas Tree Store.  At CTS, I got some St. Pats decor (woohoo - a leprechaun nutcracker!!)  
and at JoAnns I got some stuff to jazz up my apothecary.  I'm pretty sure that's going to be my main project this year.  I have a truckload of beads & charms that I've bought just for this - I'm going to have the snazziest apothecary ever! 

SQUEEE - turquoise skulls!
 I kept looking at this tree - I really like it!
 Tiny little jars and hand-cuff clasps!
The white beads look like bone, which is pretty cool and wood always works well in an apothecary.  And the little clear ones are useful here & there.   
And I can make a teeny-tiny spell book.  
It's like 3"x4" with actual brown notebook paper inside. 
I was on the HalloweeForum recently and I saw a thread about different stores that offer skeletons.  So I went to one called Crazy Bonez and ordered me a Beagle skeleton!  I'm sorta miffed I didn't get a tracking #, but I'll be patient - it's only been a week.   Once I get it, you can be sure I'll be playing with it!   Can't wait!


  1. Nice finds! Hadn't heard of Carzy Bones, I'll have to check them out.

  2. Beagle skeleton sounds like fun - please post pictures when you get it


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