December 03, 2014

3rd day - creepy nutcrackers

Boy, I'm having a hard time with the 13 days this year! 
My mind is drawing a blank for ideas!

The girl & I put up the tree tonight with lights & garland, but the ornaments haven't come out of storage yet.  I did, however, start populating the Maple Grove Manor in nutcrackers!!  I confess to having over 100 of them and the Manor is very they'll be EVERYWHERE!  I have 2 huge totes still out in the garage (teenage kid sized - we tried!) that are full, so the 22 that came in tonight are either new-to-me or were in another totes since they didn't fit in with the rest. Think I need intervention? 

I am becoming slightly pickier when it comes to purchasing new one, tho.  They have to be pretty unique.  

But have you ever looked closely at their faces??  Some are pretty damn creepy!  

I haven't slept in 42 years!

Not looking at you!!

I feel his name should be Hadji or Habib. But his hair is so soft!!! 
I may or may not have petted him for a while. 

Some sort of demented taxi driver?


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