December 01, 2014

1st day - flea market finds

Wow!  December creeped right up on me!  I'm not ready for this!!!

This past weekend, after the gluttony of Thanksgiving was finished, we (Mom, sister, hubby, kid & me) all went to this store called Past Tense that sister (Laurie) told me about and I wanted to see.  One building was an antique store / tea room, another a cider mill / restaurant and the other a 'country' store.  The antique store part was pretty cool, it's in a beautiful old farmhouse that's supposedly haunted.  They had very creepy old vintage items, especially the dolls - and some handmade items.  I didn't have any cider or donuts, but the hubby & daughter both agree they were very good.  The country store part is what I am using as my post today.  They had a lot of home decor items, a faux floral section, garden decor, and of course a Christmas section etc, etc, etc.  

But venture upstairs & there's all sorts of Halloween goodies!!  Right above the stairs was a smallish Victorian coffin with the glass panel over where the deceased's face would be. Wish I would have gotten a picture of that!  But there were security cameras everywhere.  They had all sorts of neat vignettes set up - a Halloween village, a Big Top section with a lot of clown & alien stuff, a creepy kitchen section with bizarre old machines, jars of body parts, rats, a fortune teller area, a Day of the Dead area and my favorite...the rock band!

and I was really surprised to see this window!


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