April 30, 2014

A toast!

To being halfway to Halloween!

 How about a LOT of Crystal Skull Vodka?

 Or maybe just a little bit?

 Or maybe some KAH Tequila?

OK, I confess that the big bottle was empty when a friend gave it to me and I bought the little bottles just for the skulls.  
I might probably eventually get around to actually *drinking* the contents!   

The Coke can is for size reference.  

What's your poison?


  1. I love those Kah Tequila bottles! Hard to find without ordering though.

    1. We stopped in a liquor store one day and the Kah bottles were on the counter with all the tiny little bottles of stuff. I'd never heard of it, but the skulls drew me in!

  2. Oh I love the bottles, my poison is Dark Rum, not the watered down Captain Morgans, but the really dark stuff...nummy with cokeacola

    1. I've become a pansy in my old age when it comes to drinking. But I do really like my Shellback spiced rum and coke. That's some good stuff. I haven't tried any other kind.


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