March 18, 2014

Pinned Goodies

Just because I haven't been around much, doesn't mean that Halloween is far from my mind!  I go on Pinterest all the time and I follow lots of people with similar interests (duh - that's the point of following them!!) I have recently found some neat stuff there. 

This coffin is pretty sweet.  The link below gives very detailed instructions.  I'm not sure when that article was written, but those fence slats are sure not $1 anymore!  OK, they were $1.64 at both Home Depot and Lowe's, so it would still be pretty cheap to make. 

My current plywood one is holding up pretty well, even after last year's deluge during ToT. But when I'm ready to replace it, here's what I'm making! 

These clay skeletons are awesome!  The link looks like someone took pics of them in a market in Mexico.  I bet they rattle in the wind. I have a couple similar ones in but mine don't have a fraction of the character these do. 

Flickr - damn it anyway

I really, really like this!  A cemetery sign made out of a bed's headboard.  I totally need a new sign since my old one keeps losing legs when the wind blows it over - every year!!!  I bet these are pretty cheap at the Salvation Army. I just have to keep my eyes open!

Have you found any inspiration lately?


  1. I made the coffins you pinned. Even did a walkthrough on them. Super easy and holding up well after about 6 months in elements(and being stored in off season).

  2. Lisa,
    You and I love the same thing - cemeteries !! They are beautiful and so full of history and the older ones - full of art!!
    Those were really neat skeletons made out of clay!!!


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