January 17, 2014

Getting my crafty on!

I occasionally skim thru last year's A-Z Challenge sign up list and look for new blogs to read.  I was doing that tonight & came across a blog called This and That... and she is apparently a hard-core needle point wizard.  I happen to dabble in cross-stitch myself, so I was interested to see one of her current projects....

I have never seen material in that color before!  Beautiful!  
And you just use solid black thread?  


I really like the haunted house / tree topper, but I didn't order that.  I think I'll just frame mine. 

Oh yeah.  I was given the dubious honor of taking the teenage girl to the mall last week.  I guess I should be honored that she is OK with being seen with her mom on a Friday night at the mall (I tell her if anyone comments to tell them that Mom is the one with $$$)  I took her on her 16th birthday back in September to get her belly button pierced and she was on a quest to get some new bling.  While at Hot Topic, I saw these...  

On the left is "Sweet Lies" perfume with a rollerball that actually smells pretty good and doesn't give me a headache.  On the right is nailpolish in "Nice Peacock" - a very glittery green.  Both are by Blackheart Beauty.  I like that the bottles are slightly different from each other and contain things that I will actually wear!  And for buy one, get one half off?  Sold!


  1. Cool find! I look at things like that and start imagining what it could be used for once the nail Polish is gone!

    1. That's exactly what went thru my mind when I saw them - "oh the possibilities!"

      Once it gets warm out & I start wearing sandals again, I'll wear the nailpolish a lot on my toes. My finger nails seems to repel color no matter the brand, so I just don't bother.


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