January 14, 2014

Bucket list item.....

I have been over to Grand Rapids twice and while returning on I-96, I couldn't help but notice a fantastic cemetery arch in a clearing in the woods.  
A Veteran's cemetery???

Hmmmmm.....at the beginning of May, little Miss Angela has dance regionals in......Grand Rapids!  And the school she will be dancing at is a mere 10 miles from.....

The Grand Rapids Veteran's Home Cemetery
(aka the Solider's Home Cemetery)

I will be going, oh yes I will! 

I will have my camera....and some tissue.


  1. Aren't Veteran cemeteries usually federal? I noticed it says Michigan veterans. Is it just pre-WWI veterans maybe? My father is buried at the VA cemetery in western NYS. It is amazingly well kept, perfect rows of similar grave markers, well manicured etc. this should be a visually stunning if it's anything like that.

    1. From what I found, it is owned & operated by the State of Michigan. There is the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans right across the street, so I assume they go together. And from what I could see from the aerial views on Google maps and individual photos on FindAGrave, they are the traditional white marble markers. Should be a visit to remember!


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