Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inside the Maple Grove Manor

It's sad that I STILL haven't gotten anything taken down from inside the house.  The garage looks like a Halloween store exploded.  Maybe Sunday I'll get some progress made.  Tomorrow night we have a bowling fundraiser for the dance studio and Saturday morning / early afternoon will be spent shopping with Mom & the sisters at the first of our annual craft shows. 

Alrighty, first is the plant table.  I have the fiber-optic witch on a timer so she's on in the morning before I go to work, and in the evening. 

The plant to the right of the shelf is a "Devil's Backbone".  The stems zig-zag.
Part of the apothecary.  I never did get it finished.  Very few labels, etc. 
The JOL / cat blowmold also is on a timer.  I was thrilled to find that on eBay, since we had one like it when I was a kid.  

Stained glass JOLs in the window. 

The pothos cutting is sort of covering everything, but there is a shelf with assorted 'cooking helpers' on it. 

The mini-cemetery is growing rather large!

The hall of skeletons.
The bathroom has an abundance of rats. 


The dog's crate / end table. 

The gargoyle on top of the Grandfather clock is there year-round. 

The Yankee Candle Boney Bunch guys. 

This is one of my favorite pieces, just because he's goofy.  He's ceramic & weighs a ton, so he reclines in the doll bed next to his buddy, Mr. Clean. 
The dancing girls. 

The village

Ugh, I dread putting all this away!  


  1. Wait! Don't put it all away! Celebrate Hallowe'en 365 days a year. We only take down the outside decor... the inside stays Hallowe'en all year. Thank goodness a halloween house needs real dust on the decor to make it look better ;)

    1. I hear ya about the dust! I was slightly embarrassed in those pics for a minute, but then I shrugged it off.
      I'd leave everything up, but I'm out-voted by the rest of the family. They want to see some fall leaves & turkeys before the snowmen & nutcrackers invade.


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