November 03, 2013

Happy November!


I had the cemetery down & at least in the back yard by dusk Friday night. Everything is set out on the patio so it can dry and of course it rained all day yesterday, too!!

I also think it is insane that the darn trees haven't dropped their leaves yet!  Normally there is a nice layer on the ground for ToT, not this year.  

Oh yeah, of course it rained all day Thursday, too!  I left work at 11:30am and had to stop and get some spotlight bulbs since ~someone~ in my household broke most of the ones I had then managed to catch a short nap (I've been sick since Tuesday or so) until the rain slacked down and I could put those spots out. 

The township set off the tornado sirens at 6 and I was surprised at the number of little kids that came out! Really only 2 teenagers - and not even my own!  She was over at a friends house & they went out en-masse over in her area.  It wasn't raining hard, but it was enough to be uncomfortable. And once the sun went down, the wind started. I started taking stuff down (laying stones flat, etc) around 7:30, ready to get inside to dry off.  As the sirens sounded again at 8, 2 kids came running up and I had to crawl under the fence around the side cemetery to run over to the door where I'd hung my bag to keep it dry.  Overall, I probably had 50 ToTers again this year, that seems about average.  I was disappointed that no one really had really outstanding costumes - a good number of princesses, a couple skeletons, 2 Draculas, Iron Man, a tiny fireman.  Nothing really impressed me.  But they were out & had fun & that's all that matters!

My favorite kid of the night (besides the goth family who gushed over the cemetery) was a little girl I heard telling her Mom that she wasn't scared of anything and was gonna walk right up and get her candy - darn I wish I'd felt good enough to dress up!!  She got to the end of the driveway and just stopped and stared, eyes like saucers.  Her mom couldn't get her to move for anything!  So I went to her and gave her a handful. 

I'm finally getting the color that I want!  But I'm thinking I need to corral the blowmolds to one area of the cemetery, since they are washing out the blue.

So when I was out & about Friday (besides running into my boss at Garden Ridge!!!) I found at couple neat things. I really didn't feel like going out, but had a feeling I'd really be missing out if I didn't go.  Then I couldn't decide where I would even want to go! 

A bigger version of one that I already have from Garden Ridge.  I also got a lighted JOL that will end up being Hugh's head for next year and a bag of bones. 

Couldn't resist.  2 Walgreen's Pose & Stays for 50% off. 
Randy asked why I didn't get 4, so I could have them spell out YMCA.  
He really shouldn't give me ideas like that! 

 From Spirit Halloween,,,
The candelabra is nice & solid & the roses are motion activated
 and will scream and wilt. 
And I can never have enough rats or earrings!

  My first trip to English Gardens.  It was a nice, if somewhat pricey store.  I really like the sparkly stones on the village piece and the bat & headstone wine bottle stoppers will go nicely in the apothecary.  
And bunny ornaments for 75% off.  Don't judge!  They'll go on my year-round tree at Easter. 

Then I went to 2 of the 3 local Salvation Armies.  Found absolutely no Halloween stuff at all and only minimal fall items!  But I found O.M.G.Blowmolds!!!  

I have to look, but I'm sure I have a snowman similar to this guy, but that's OK.  The little Santas will go in the house.  And the Santa face (which creeps out the girl), will hang on the fence by the driveway. 
 And nutcrackers!  The pop bottle is for size reference - I was impressed with the size of the big one.  He's got some minor damage and is missing the lever in back and his beard, but those are easily fixed.

 And mini deer!  I've never seen little ones like this! 

How were your after Halloween sales?


  1. Sounds like you had a good turnout despite the weather! I picked up a couple of boxes of outdoor string lights at the post-Halloween sales. And a new werewolf mask for my daughter :)

    1. I think we're due for a nice Halloween! This wind & rain stuff has to stop!

  2. I totally agree! It rained all day and night for us, but I'll give credit to those who came out to T or T


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