July 18, 2013

105 days! fence update

We're almost in the double digits!   

I'm made a tiny bit of progress.  Once I got the idea of where to place the fence (from Mom, of all people!!) I finally got off my carcass and went out the yard with a tape measure. 

To bring ya'll up to speed..... my problem is that kids would cut across the neighbor's dark yard and / or the ditch and try to shuffle thru the cemetery to get to the candy bucket.  Which would be fine if I didn't have a web of extension cords all over that are covered in leaves.  The blue lines are the chosen paths.

So what I've come up with is..... I'm going to need at least 70 feet of fencing!!!  The red line in my quality drawing is the future fence.  It's going to make the cemetery somewhat smaller but I'm OK with that.  And the section from big maple #2 and the driveway is going to look like it's fallen.  

The next step is to figure out materials.  I want it to be substantial enough to be seen, but not to block the view from the street.  And the top will be woven with orange rope lights - to give a nice glow and to draw attention to the fence so no one will walk into it. 


I've done some shopping here & there lately & found a couple neat things. 

 I have no idea WHY anyone would think to create wooden fruit, 
but at 49 cents each, I couldn't pass them up.  
Maybe enchanted food for the apothecary / witches kitchen?

 This is a pretty good sized case. If nothing else, it holds quite a bit!

 JOL stickers.

 These perfume bottle are neat.  I love the blue & gold one.  

 These are metal stickers, I assume are for scrapbooking?  
IDK.  But they'll look great on a spellbook!

 Window gel things.  These were at Michael's. 
Not on sale, but fairly reasonably priced, so I grabbed them. 
I put them on the bathroom mirrors and glass cabinets in the kitchen.

 fall vase fillers

 This will look neat out in the cemetery by a stone on a little metal hook. 

Nothing to do with Halloween, but I am a Detroit Red Wings fan 
and couldn't pass up a mini-Stanley Cup!

Now it just needs to cool off so I can get outside and do stuff!


  1. Exactly why we have tried to expand our fence a little more each year, if there's a gap anywhere they'll cut through it! Got some really good finds! I like the hanging lantern, it has a cool design to it. The red paint would have to go if it was mine though, I'm all about 'rust' or this year we're doing some patina which is looking very cool. They do always look cool hanging over a grave or tombstone with a flicker candle.

    1. The red paint is going to go. I have to look to see if the glass comes out, or that will make it tough to re-paint.

  2. I have the same problem with the kids cutting thru. Need the same fence.

    Ps I am Blackhawks fan.

    1. There are so many fence options out there! I'm undecided.

      I'll forgive you for being a 'Hawks fan! :D

  3. I am so jealous of your shopping treasures... No chance of finding anything similar on this island of mine *sigh*. And good luck with your fence! I built one on one side of our property a couple years back, had a blast doing it. Sure, lots of logistics and something like 10 trips to the hardware shop (on the same day), but it was fun. Still have to do one more side (the other two are walled), but at the moment I'm working on a smaller fence with a door to close off an alley on one side of the house and use it as a sort of kennel for the dogs. I have seven :)

    1. I'm hoping I won'[t have to make that many trips to the hardware store! I may have discovered my pallet supplier. Just a couple blocks away is a wood recycling center & they have stacks & stacks of pallets - like as tall as a semi trailer! I'm sure they'd let me have some without even missing any!


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