Monday, June 17, 2013

136 days!

And yet again - still nothing done by way of fence building. Now that I have a general idea of where I'm going to place the fence, I can figure out footage.  But not right now, with some nasty, quick storms rolling this way!

I've had a few successful shopping trips recently. 

I've named this fiber-optic witch, Lois, after our neighbor.  My daughter swears that woman is a witch and has her husband in a freezer in the basement.  I think she's rather nice, she usually comes over when I'm setting up the cemetery to visit for a minute & look at the display.  And her house has no basement! 
But the resemblance is rather uncanny. 

The urn is intriguing, since the lid is glued on, but there is something 
rattling around inside it!  
And the blue bottle will be for "Moon Dust" or something. 
My iPhone is for size reference. 

This snack dish is really cute.  Each of the legs is a different character. 

 I believe this was a perfume bottle at some time.  
But I love the gems & shape and everything.  
It was something that made me gasp & grab it when I saw it. 

Ugh, this is why I don't do selfies. 
I actually went to the mall this weekend - the place I hate most in the world.  
But Spencer's had this awesome skeleton cameo necklace for $15. 

So that's all the Halloween goodness going on around here.  I've had my niece's high school graduation to go to recently,  helped my mom clean up her yard & plant flowers for said niece's grad party.  My girl is getting ready for her dance recital this Friday.  Next week she gets to start summer school (apparently she doesn't like summer vacation much, since it's her 3rd summer in a row having to make up classes!)
Other than that, usual life stuff. 

Here is my goofy Beagle at the local nature trail.  
He waded in this far and stood there, just looking out over the surface of the water. 


  1. Summer school.. YUCK!! I love all of your halloween finds. The necklace is great.. as is the selfie shot. : )

  2. If you don't have one, beg, borrow or steal, okay maybe don't steal, but rent a drill press and buy a Forstner bit if your making your fence from wood and PVC. It makes it so much easier than a hand drill and regular wood drill bit. Nice Halloween finds, all I ever find is those plastic pumpkin candy containers with the plastic handle!

    1. I wish I knew someone who had a drill press! I've seen people on the H'ween Forum who use a regular drill and I think they're nuts or insanely patient!

  3. Howdy Howdy Miss Lisa...I have been away, busy with home renovations, summer, kids, etc. And I am just now finding some time to get back to my much neglected blog. So I was looking through your finds, and I must say that I love the moon bottle....was that a thrift find or a dollar store find? I have a HUGE thing for moons...ha! I also love the urn, and can come up with a million unfortunate things in my mind that could possibly be inside...muwahahaha! Also your selfie is cute, and that cameo is Fab! I just bought the spider web witch skirt on sale from Grandinroad, and that cameo would look cute with it for Halloween. I'm not sure...but I think that the Spencer's in our closest mall finally closed. I'll have to check it out...I haven't been in there in ages! Anyway...hope you are enjoying your summer. Keep posting your finds, I'm getting in the crafting mood! :o) ~ Wendy

    1. Good to see you back! I found the moon bottle at the Salvation Army - one of those things that I saw from down the aisle & had to grab up!
      I've seen that skirt - it's really cute!
      I was in the garage this weekend, sorting thru all my gazillions of bottles. Set a few aside to get rid of, and other aside to paint. Also came across a few I forgot I had!


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